The brand Rainbow K Jewelry thinks and creates jewels to subtly accompany women in their daily lives.
The brand stands out as an innovative and visionary jeweler.
The two creators of the brand Rainbow K are both driven by a common passion: JEWELRY
Kelly, graduate Gemologist , develops from an early age an admiration for high and jewelry exceptions.
Kelia has a unique taste for blending and accumulating jewelry , she cultivates a passion for the antique Jewelry.
It is by mixing the inspiration of these two young Parisians that is born the Universe Rainbow K.
The one of a line of jewels of high jewelery, combining epure with complex patterns.
Rainbow K likes to rethink the assembly of materials to go beyond classicism in order to propose new stylistic alternatives, in an Art deco spirit in which Vintage and Modernity intertwine.
The designers like the association of diamonds with different nobles and Precious stones such as Sapphire, Emerald, Pearl or Onyx, these stones that each have their virtues and meanings.
Their common admiration for the vintage spirit leads them to the development of unique models, through frames and an atypical design.
It is By quest for perfection that the two designers have chosen a Parisian Factory.
Rainbow K Jewelry shapes and personalizes its collections through iconic pieces with a strong identity.